To be extremely wonderful and better than everything else.People using this name should be worshipped by the lower classes.
Yump is awesome
by Mika January 23, 2004
Top Definition
A small jump often formed by a crest in a road or path of a rally racing special-stage. The term "yump" is believed to have originated from foreign drivers' pronunciation of "jump".
The car's wheels momentarily left the road as it cleared the yump.
by DustyRhodes427 June 29, 2013
ANother word for yes or ya
Kate: U Tite
by Joeyjj August 26, 2006
1. Usually to strongly agree with what one is saying.
2. To affirm something.
3.Substitution for "yep", "yes",
"yeah", etc.
1. -"Damn those are some big ass tits"
-"YUMP!" (strong usage)
2. -"Check out that ass"
-"Yump" (medium)
3. -"What a bitch"
-"yump" (mild, to simply agree)
by Dirk Moneyshot September 24, 2003
The moment in a car chase where a car hits a ramp and is launched into the air
Film director: Next, the hero's car will take a yump off the conveniently placed ramp and fly over the heads of a group of school kids crossing the road.
by flight.risk August 20, 2011
A word that can replace any other word when the time feels right. When yump is used in a sentence, the user mist speak in a Nord acient.
"What in the yump." or "Where in the yump is the yumping cheese!?" (Original - "Where in the world is the stinking cheese!?")
by EJCorp November 03, 2014
a word used to describe recklessly performing a stunt of some sort
guy1: "dude, why is your truck so filthy"

guy2: "Oh, I was all wasted last night and decided to yump it through a cornfield"
by MJ for MJ August 20, 2010
A person or thing who looks like a fat piece of shit.
Get away from me you yump
by Alexander Moller March 20, 2005

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