To eat food in the same way that you can quaff drink a la medieval banquet stylee
I'm so hungry I could yump this pizza right down
by The Merrington-Smythes August 31, 2004
To be extremely wonderful and better than everything else.People using this name should be worshipped by the lower classes.
Yump is awesome
by Mika January 23, 2004
young upwardmobile prick, youthful greedy backstabbing social or office "climber" self centered and driven by cash and bling
pathetic yump, sucks up without remorse
by robertjsmith September 05, 2007
Often used by fuck boiz fresh out (and often still in) the Honda game that know what they got.
YUMP I suck dat dick from the back. Bet i send you a pic of my dick? YUMP i will. YUMP YUMP YUMP VOTE FOR TRUMP
by SUPRAREAL October 15, 2015
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