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A (y)oung (u)rban (c)ommoner. In essence, a yuppie that doesn't flaunt their wealth.
Fuck yuppies and their BMWs. I'm a Yucky and proud of it.
by Jackolicious July 10, 2008
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Young Urban Crud. An urban redneck.
Two 25 year olds, leaning against their jacked-up pickup truck outside their trailer home, smoking cigarettes, with long hair, tats on their arms, mustaches, wearing wife beaters, cussing in a Baltimore accent, when 2 Yuppies drive by in their porsche, and one goes...jeez, look at those YUCs!
by tgsd March 07, 2011
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Yuccies are the cultural offspring of yuppies and hipsters.
by a hacker June 13, 2015
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