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Stress, or the state of feeling nervous, anxious, or worried.
1. Yo, G, I'm scressed about passing that test.
2. I'm all scressed out from trying find the chips to pay my bills, yo.
3. I don't let the ho's scress me out.
by FoRealDawg May 19, 2007
Nasty, gross, disgusting, ugly. May be used when describing a person's state of ugliness, or a type of food/restaurant that one finds disgusting.
1.Them skanks b-yuc, fo' real!

2.Skool cafeteria food b-yuc every day.

3.Man, I wouldn't date that little freak to save my skin, yo...she b-yuc, dawg!
by FoRealDawg May 19, 2007

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