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A large quantity of any substance. Usually the largest possible size.
That is one yub of mayonnaise they sell.

" 'small' soda at the stores deli is 24oz. 'small' 'bucket' and 'yub' are their sizes. -HuweyII
by JrMint November 01, 2004
Confirmation of something
Person 1: Is your favorite color blue?

Person 2: Yub
by TornadoThrasher August 24, 2003
The little gap at the bottom of your throat in between your collarbones.
i had a soar throat and i could feel it in my yub.
by yubcity April 08, 2013
A verb. Described as, a very short girl, usually around or under 5 feet, that is so adorable.
"Hey did you know that girl over there?"
"Yeah that's Jasmine, she's a yub."
by Zachhhhhh March 01, 2015
It means poop. just a nicer way to say it
oh man i have to take a yub ; i have to yub
by Callard_20 May 08, 2011
The response given to a question regarding pig-related treats
"Are you achin? For some bacon?"

"Yub yub yub"
by dr_peanut December 16, 2008
A female of thick proportions characterized with having blue eyes, blonde hair, and a cute cherub-like appearance. Although she may appear to be overweight she is just built thick in stature.
Person 1: That girl you hooked up with last night, she was a little fat.

Person 2: She wasn't fat she's was just a yub. Thick but there was no cottage cheese.
by TheDream September 17, 2005
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