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Patient, kind, smart, has a hard time admitting when he is wrong. dependable, and somewhat of a nerd. very unique and a keeper! He is everything to those who love him.
Janson makes everything better.

I knew I was right, but Janson will never admit it!
by Janson Lover February 03, 2010
73 13
a good person who loves his mates like family, would do anything for them. usually best suited to a goalkeeper as his soccer skills are not great. jansons also find people with larger than normal noses attractive.
by 1112222 June 02, 2010
29 12
Probably the most fricking awesome sharpshooting pilot in Star Wars EU EVER.
"Yub yub, commander!"
by Wes Janson April 27, 2005
70 56
To leech an object that belongs to someone else.
Don't janson my cigarettes! Can't you buy your own?!" or "Stop being a douche. I know that you're waiting for me to buy lunch so you'd be able to janson it!
by Keeenny February 07, 2011
14 15
a fuk up male animal
(i don't have a example)
by AK* January 08, 2005
26 62
ugly and annoying + no patience
omg janson's so ugly...
by AK* January 08, 2005
30 73