A word signifying approval.
Often said as an aside to a friend or a slightly audible remark to one's self: for example, when a beautiful woman enters a room. Yowza, look at her!
by Ron Livingston July 23, 2006
Euphemism for any vulgar expression of surprise or sudden pleasure. Usually used in a positive sense.
Yowza, you looked amazing today.
by Max Adion April 25, 2005
Corrupted form of "yes, sir," thought to have first appeared in minstrel shows of the Jim Crow era. Often repeated, as in, "Yowza, yowza, yowza!" May be considered mildly racist by some.
Yowza, that bitch sure be fine!
by Billy Frank September 24, 2008
something that is great very great indeed!
1.Yowzaa baby that was awesome
2. YOWzA you scared me!
3. omg his cock was so big YOWZA!

damn heather n julee walked in saw those hot guys and screamed YOWZAA!
by yowzaaShit January 28, 2003
1. An exclamation denoting you are impressed or that you approve.
2. The sound said when shot by a laser.

1. Meaning cool, neat-o. See steaky, cool
A: Yowza! That's a nice laser gun you got there! YOWZA!!!!! You just shot me!?!?!
B: Ooops . . .
C: And I actually thought you were yowza.
by Famous James Splinter January 06, 2006
a variant of "yes sir" used to express joy or excitement
Yowza! Shake your booty!
by jeron davis March 12, 2005
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