An iTouch application created by Heroes star Greg Grunberg that is designed to hold electronic coupons. The application recognizes participating retailers within a certain radius and presents the customer with promotional offers in barcode form, which the retailer then scans.
Retailer: Do you have any of our coupons today?
Customer: No, but I do have Yowza!
by randomnumbergenerator April 14, 2009
Yowza was an early 20th century exclamation you used to indicate you were responding sexually.
I say, let's have a roll in the hay... Yowza!
by The Frindler December 18, 2010
Used to show anywhere from excitement to disgust in a situation. It's a short word that can be used to show just about any kind of expression! If you want to spice up "wow" a little bit, this is the word to use.
Example 1

Wife: I just saw our future new neighbors fighting on their front porch already!

Husband: YOWZA, that's just great!

Example 2

Girl 1: Did you hear about ladies night this Saturday where the women drink for free?

Girl 2: YOWZA, let's go!
by crockett4 June 14, 2008
Something you can say when you get hurt, when you see something exciting, when you're surprised, or get knifed in Call Of Duty (or other games). It is less popular than it should be.
One guy: "You've never seen her? Yowzas, man!"
(shows his friend a picture of a hottie)
His friend: "YOWZAS!"

Somebody gets shot in the head in Black Ops by a guy behind him: "YOWZAS!"
by UberWeinerSchnitzel April 13, 2011
something to say when you hear something funny, exciting or interesting
Mike: Hey guys were gonna go play football!!
Robert: YOWZAS
by jake April 14, 2005
In the film "They Shoot Horses, don't they?" (1969) "yowza" is a repeated line by the host of the dancing contest.

It's supposed to create excitement, I guess. Sounds rather stupid though...
Yowza, yowza, yowza!
by Mikko October 11, 2004
A more interesting and friendlier way of saying hello,wassup,hi,how'dy,hey

Must be said in a'WASSUP' budweiser ad kind of way when answering your phone or when calling a friend!

Saying this when answering your phone deters the most pissed off friend from telling you off as they are now thinking "what the hell did you just say!" No one can be truly mad at you once you've uttered it!
Pissed off friend calls and you answer: "Yowza!"

They say: "Wot!"

You say again: "Yowza!"

They say "LOL, Yowza!?"

(They are now completely confused as to why and what they were mad at you about in the first place)


You call a friend they answer "hello"

You reply "YOWZA"

by moanerlissa72 May 20, 2009

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