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A youssef is being cool, sexy, annoying, smart, ladys man, legend, fun or tired.
your being a youssef
by scribbledude November 03, 2010
103 41
The act of being smart and kind but at the same time pissing people off
i couldnt think of who to blame so i went youseff on they arse
by anonymous March 27, 2003
153 105
-The preliminary stage of life right before someone wants to be a fighter jet pilot
"Look at him, he's probably going through youssef"
by Androu A January 13, 2005
55 53
a bad man who wants to be good
my brother youssef... he does bad things but he wants very much to be good
by prettyugly November 21, 2004
40 51
A really lame joke, often juvenile and stupid.
He just cracked another Youssef. Sigh.
by Anon E Mouse 999 January 28, 2009
28 58
1.a used condom.

2. a moose mating call.
1.Remember to throw your Youssef away, boys and girls!

2. YOUUUUSSEF! *(Lots of moose come running over)
by ...TI March 15, 2007
55 85
this is a used condom.
Remember boys and girls, throw away your Youssef!
by Cai Cai March 17, 2007
39 76