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A youssef is being cool, sexy, annoying, smart, ladys man, legend, fun or tired.
your being a youssef
by scribbledude November 03, 2010
The act of being smart and kind but at the same time pissing people off
i couldnt think of who to blame so i went youseff on they arse
by Anonymous March 27, 2003
-The preliminary stage of life right before someone wants to be a fighter jet pilot
"Look at him, he's probably going through youssef"
by Androu A January 13, 2005
A youssef is a autistic fuck which has no brain cells and makes everyone around them dumb
Your such a youssef im losing my brain cells
by JohnCena289282 June 06, 2016
a bad man who wants to be good
my brother youssef... he does bad things but he wants very much to be good
by prettyugly November 21, 2004
1.a used condom.

2. a moose mating call.
1.Remember to throw your Youssef away, boys and girls!

2. YOUUUUSSEF! *(Lots of moose come running over)
by ...TI March 15, 2007
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