A quippy, sometimes frustrating comeback or response to a question, statement or insult delivered by a close companion. Often used simply to bide time for a real response or to show disinterest in a subject.

Flagrant usage in Halo's multilayer mode as an expression of superiority or disdain toward other players.(see EXAMPLE #3)

*There is no known retort to this quip except the liberal use of you wish coupled with your face. This method can end up a frenzy of retorts however.(see EXAMPLE #4)
**EXAMPLE #1 "the disinterested response"**

(as an answer)
dude: You see that Britany Spore video?
guy: ummm... Your Face!

(as a quip)
dude: "dude... I saw this crazy show on the discovery channel about muskrats and(cut off by use)..."
guy: "Dude!.. Your Face!"

**EXAMPLE #2 "the bide for time response"**

dude: "Do you want to get KFC or Popeyes?"
guy: "Your Face!..."
dude: "seriously"
guy: "Your Face is serious"
dude: "..."
guy: "I wanna hamburger"

**EXAMPLE #2 "the comeback"**

dude: "guy, you can't drive for shit!"
guy: "Your Face!"

**EXAMPLE #3 "the Halo usages")**

(superior response)
player1: "WHAT THE CRAP!... I Totally Shot you in the face!"
player2: "Your Face!"

(disdane response)
player3: "HA hahahaha, dude I fragged your ass"
player4: "uh hu... Your Face!"

**EXAMPLE #4 "the only known retort"**

dude: "ha ha ha ha... Your such a freakin moron"
guy: "Your Face!"
dude: "you wish my face!"
guy: " you wish I wish your face!"
dude: "... your face."
by seventhapex October 09, 2007
Top Definition
a phrase that can be added as a prefix or suffix to any insult as a comeback.
Dude: You're ugly.
Guy: Your face is ugly. (prefix)
Dude: That's hella stpid
Guy: Not as stupid as your face! (suffix)
Dude: That makes no sense
Guy: Your face doesn't make sense!
Dude: I'm leaving.
Guy: I'd leave to if I had your face.
by moofoo June 07, 2004
the second in a series of gangsta insults.
Your mom!
Your face!
Your mom's face!
by m0d November 05, 2003
An insult used for humor or annoyance.
Person 1: Dude, you're a jerk.
Person 2: Your face is a jerk.
Person 1: Your mom is a jerk.
Person 2: Your mom's face.
Person 1: Your mom's face's mom.
Person 2: Your mom's face's mom's jerkface.
Person 1: Your mom's face's mom's face's mom.
Person 2: Your mom's face's mom's face's mom's face.
Person 1: Well, your mom's face's mom's face's mom's face's mom! And my daddy can beat up your daddy.
Person 2: STFU JERK!
Person 1: Your face...
Person 3: Both of you STFU and post your conversation at
Person 1 and Person 2: Your face! *high five*
by fellupahill November 21, 2004
Coming from 'your mom' and yo momma. Just to get off the subject of peoples' moms and how to insult them, people
decided to use one of the most valued parts of the body....the face.

used mostly to annoy and/or confuse people, your face is a term used by thousands of people around the world.

A: Hello B!
B: Your face!


A: I had a nice time talking to....YOUR FACE!!!
B: Say what?
A: Say....YOUR FACE!!
B: Shut up!
A: YOUR FACE!!!!!!!
B: I'm leaving...*leaves*

Insulting(this has happend to me alot):

A: I saw something weird today...
B: What? YOUR FACE????
by My Face July 10, 2004
Greatest of insults. Usable at any time!
J:you're an ass!
A:Yea well... so's your face

G:you arse licker
A:Yea well... so's your face
by Jay December 29, 2003
A phrase used when there's nothing left to say..preferably after someone else has said "your mom" or "yo momma"
" your mom"
"yeah well your face"

"sure your rich and smart but.... your face"
by CheeSeWizZ November 09, 2003
The Chuck Norris of comebacks. Nothing can defeat it.
Person 1: Yo mamma.

Person 2: Your face.

Person 1: Damn it all.
by bree-marie April 10, 2010
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