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5 definitions by m0d

Candle Jack is a villian from the WB show, "Freakzoid". He abducts anyone who says his na
You idiots, candle jack isn't real. I can say it all I wan
by m0d August 14, 2006
the second in a series of gangsta insults.
Your mom!
Your face!
Your mom's face!
by m0d November 05, 2003
a polititian who looks like senator palpatine from starwars
zzzzhhzhhhzhz!!!! came the electricity from his fingers
by m0d November 05, 2003
1. A programming language that was named after the alleged first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace. Currently in use by the US Government and its contractors.
2. A lovely lady by the name of Choi.
1. I'm so 1337, I know ADA!

2. I'm so lucky, I know Ada!
by m0d November 04, 2004
Pertaining to the study of blowjobs, ie. how to perform, recieve etc. Most often not recieving.
Aadith: So, what's your major?
Steven: Bus/Econ with a minor in math.
Aadith: You mean a minor in blowjobbery?
by m0d May 10, 2005