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a phrase that can be added as a prefix or suffix to any insult as a comeback.
Dude: You're ugly.
Guy: Your face is ugly. (prefix)
Dude: That's hella stpid
Guy: Not as stupid as your face! (suffix)
Dude: That makes no sense
Guy: Your face doesn't make sense!
Dude: I'm leaving.
Guy: I'd leave to if I had your face.
by moofoo June 07, 2004
Rookie, beginner, n00b.
Man, I was picking up chicks at the dance last night, and John only had 1 number. What a tyro!
by moofoo February 15, 2005
pronunciation: game-cyoob

This cool ass gaming console that is only mocked by idiotic freaks that can't even spell playstation and play on a x-box.
Gamecube is the best.
by moofoo April 14, 2003
futuristic term meanign cool (slang, not being a little cold)
Dude, that trick was hecka schwey
by moofoo January 18, 2004
to attack
go my ninjas! battack!
by moofoo October 22, 2003
the inability to interact socially with a female companion
Guy: Man, that guy has a bad case of reiitis.
Dude: No i heard it was herpes
by moofoo September 27, 2003
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