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a response that
1) makes one chuckle
2) proves that you didn't have a good English teacher
3) is said by true idiots
4) is now in Urban Dictionary
Johnny: 1+1=2
Dave: No it doesn't, STFU!
Johnny: I'm right!
Dave: Wow, your an idiot!
by CChac May 10, 2008
The wrong way of spelling you're an idiot.
Person A: your an idiot
Person B: No you're an idiot, learn grammar.
by c3vqI January 11, 2010
Irony at its best.
Guy on the internet 1: This sucks
Guy on the internet 2: You suck!
Guy on the internet 1: Your an idiot
Guy on the internet 2: ........BWAHAHHAHA!!!
by A cup of potato juice February 01, 2013
The ultimate trump card for any typo-jew.
Secunda: Wow its amazing!
Prima: it's*
Secunda: Your an idiot.
by Killing1541 January 14, 2010