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The final resort but often the easiest way out.
You're most powerful option in succeeding at anything in life.
Unfortunately, once used, the trump card can rarely be used on the same person again. If reused it will rarely be as powerful.
Bill Gates: And then I played my Trump Card.
Your Boss: Sorry John, I can't give you time off work again. You're grandmother died 5 times last year...
John: Looks like I overplayed my Trump Card
by Raving Professor No Legs April 17, 2007
A surprise last resort where you call a bunch of racists in to beat up someone instead of solving real problems.
I was in an argument with a guy on immigration policy when I pulled out my Trump Card and now he's in the hospital.
by gtg092x July 20, 2016
something used to gain an advantage, sometimes a dishonest one
His trump card is redirecting you from hot button issues.
by The Return of Light Joker July 20, 2010
The act of being in a threesome with a best friend and a third party.
Yo man that was an awesome TRUMP CARD right there, especially when we she bent over.
by UrbanMan December 01, 2014
Making discriminatory, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate remarks simply like Donald Trump, simply because you feel you can.
When Sally bent down to tie her shoe, Bill told her she looks good on her knees. He totally used his trump card.
by Stefanelli November 08, 2015
To be used in place of saying you're getting laid.
I can't hang with guys tonight. I'm playing my trump card.(Sex trumps everything else}
by BJ December 16, 2003
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