Oddly enough, my favorite place to go. Since where I live is too boring and my parents grew up there so I've always gotten to go there all the time so it's like a second home. It's interesting enough if you're hanging out in the park: Lots of gunshots, people threatening to kill you, druggies, and male prostitutes. (But not everywhere in Youngstown, only the fun parts.)
I'm going to Youngstown, I wanna go laugh at the male prostitutes in the park!
by Moomoo March 07, 2005
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(n) Where Satan threatens to send residents of hell who are deemed unworthy. This desolate, barren wasteland was at one time an important manufacturer of steel, ranking third in the country in gross production - behind only Pitsburgh, PA and Gary, IN. After helping the U.S. military conquer the Nazis the city turned its attention to mafia car-bombings (known as a Youngstown tune-up). After much white flight, the city became a great place for crack-whores (especially lower Market Street,..you know near Chamlmers). Jim Tressel did what he could to return dignity to the city by capturing 4 National Championships in Division I-AA Football, but any gains made there have since been nullified by the imprisonment of the congressman, sheriff, prosecutor, county commissioner and a couple judges. Mess with Youngstown (the fucking Valley to you) and you will get skinned alive if you are lucky.
Youngstown is one crazy-ass shithole.
by Mojo February 15, 2005
1)The armpit of Ohio
2) Murdertown U.S.A in the 1950's & 1960's
3) Rundown Steel City halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh
4) Corruption
The Mafia, DeBartolo, and Jim Traficant; need I say more?
by Michael Monus December 16, 2004
A location up in north eastern Ohio in The United States. A horrible city to live in (I've done that) but it sure does have a nice park, maybe one of the best in the world. It is full of cool stuff like corruption, drugs, murder, a maximum security prison, a damn nice park, and murder. It has a nice college, and we like our football here, but unfortunately everyone likes the browns, so the city is thrown into permanent depression. And damn does it have a nice park.
It is also home to the worlds greatest gathering of pizza shops. Never ask if its national brand pizza because you'll probably be stoned to death. Did I mention it has a nice park?
Person A: Have you ever been to Youngstown?
Person B: No
Person A: Don't worry, you're not missing out, although it does have a nice park.
by stgw.33 August 06, 2007
A mostly ghetto city in northeastern Ohio that is filled with crime, poverty, murder, drugs, and corruption.
I live in Youngstown and every night I hear gunshots.
by Sam January 01, 2005
A city in Northeastern Ohio named after John Young, who came there in 1797 after purchasing the whole township. Youngstown is largely impoverished with the median household income less than 20 grand a year. Youngstown is also notorious for its crime rate with an average of 52 murders a year and countless rapes and robberies. Only 7% of the city's population has a Bachelor's degree or higher, which may account for the poor economy. With the closet city (with a pop. of 1,000,000+) being Philadelphia and a nasty climate, Youngstown is not a desirable place to be.
I want to commit suicide so I'm gonna stand in the Youngstown Projects for an hour or so to let someone else do the dirty work.
by swangeeTOO January 30, 2005
The unwanted love-child of a brief fling between Gary, IN, and a rural village in Sicily.
If the mob ran Gary, it would be just like Youngstown; except for the Penguins.
by Juan Non-lamestain July 11, 2008
The city with the highest murder and corruption rate per capita in the north east of the united states. This ghetto of a town has roughly 55 murders per year.
Jim traficant, thats youngstown for ya
by yankee September 22, 2005
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