One of the original headquarters for organized crime. Violence, Corruption, Death. The type of place where you breed knuckle busters.
"That was the craziest place I've ever been. I felt like I was in Youngstown!"
by Chris-topher June 16, 2008
The town so shitty that someone OD's and dies in the bathroom of a Taco Bell at 3 in the afternoon and not only is no one shocked, but also instead of being shocked, they're just pissed off they can't get their Dorito's Locos Tacos.
Some junkie OD in the Youngstown Taco Bell Bathroom?!? Great, now I have to drive to Boardman to get a taco.
by TylerP March 26, 2012
The city that the Browns drive through after losing to the Steelers.
While I was in Youngstown, I saw the Browns heading back to Cleveland leaving tears.
by Clinker January 25, 2008
An old steel and factory city that has to redefine itself and move forward.
Youngstown is not as bad as listed here. It has its problems like every city. Nice parks, affordable housing (outside of the projects, like every other city has in America) a top notch, affordable state university and good paying jobs. Suburbs i.e. Boardman, Austintown, Canfield, Poland are very successful.
by YSU Bachelors recipient July 25, 2008
Youngstown, Ohio. (330)
Definition of Youngstown - You N G's Town.
Murder is 3.10 times the National Average
Forcible Rape is 2.06 times the National Average
Robbery is 1.63 times the National Average
Aggravated Assault is 1.39 times the National Average
All Violent Crime is 1.60 times the National Average
Arson is 10.81 times the National Average
Burglary is 2.58 times the National Average
Larceny or Theft is 1.08 times the National Average
Car Theft is 1.04 times the National Average
All Property Crime is 1.37 times the National Average
Youngstown (Ohio) was also rated #15 out of the worst 100 cities for crime, murder, rape in 2008.
Fuck all the haters. Youngstown is da place.
~Goon Squad 330~
by 330_ALL_DaY December 25, 2009
All the violence, drugs and crime of a major city at half the price!!!
Yeah, Youngstown, Ohio has a nice park, but the guy that's so in love with Mill Creek failed to mention that people not of color can't walk there on a cloudy day--unless they're walking their Rottweiler!!! A friend who lives near that park actually gained a measure of safety by putting gargoyles on all his fence posts. The "local residents" are afraid of them, don't you know? Today (1/23/10), a gang-banger robbed and murdered a little old lady in my church parking lot as she left Mass. It might not be hell, but you get close enough to one of the few steel mills that are still in the area, you can feel the heat and smell the burning sulfur!!!
by NeverMoveBack January 23, 2010
where pam and jim were ORIGINALLY going to get married.
Dwight: Attention office. Who here is planning a trip to Youngstown, Ohio? I will take your silence to mean that you are all hiding something.
by thecrew1 October 23, 2009

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