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An acryonym for "jerk off all day"
Guy 1: Hey bro, wanna go to the movies after school?

Guy 2: Nah sorry man, that's during my joad session.
by cyborg89 April 24, 2012
The staring family from Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath".
“As far as ‘kin,’ we can’t do nothin’, not go to California or nothin’; but as far as ‘will,’ why, we’ll do what we will. An’ as far as ‘will’—it’s a long time our folks been here and east before, an’ I never heerd tell of no Joads or no Hazletts, neither, ever refusin’ food an’ shelter or a lift on the road to anybody that asked. They’s been mean Joads, but never that mean.”
by digdug2000 July 22, 2005
any traveler, or group of travelers on the highway, that have piled up their belongings on to the back of their car/pickup/trailer. Sometimes these belongings are covered with a tarp, tied down with rope or bungee cords, to keep them from falling out. "Joad" was the family name of the characters who traveled from the dust bowl to California in the book entitled "The Grapes of Wrath".
"Check out the Joads up ahead on the exit ramp. They seem to be moving a bit slow with that load".
by EdithRules August 20, 2010
jump on a dick
i'm gonna JOAD tonight
by miss fat booty April 27, 2010
the space betweent your ball sack and butthole.
man my joad itches
by bob October 02, 2003
a jewish choad or someone who is being a jew
"doug, stop screaming about this Halo game. You're being a major joad!"
by mmanzi March 15, 2005
A short fat penis that is gross.
Damn!! Look at that mans joad ont.v.
by HEZZO SALUTE November 03, 2005
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