"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious"
“We are going to Youngstown State University, where you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”
#youngstown #ohio #tim ryan #sherrod brown #murder capital of ohio #youngstown state university
by vanwilder692 December 16, 2012
Home of Jamie McNally, a, architect on the rise, currently attending IIT.
I'm representing Youngstown.
#jamie #mcnally #youngstown #ohio #usa
by JDUDE41 November 24, 2010
really awesome song by Bruce Springsteen from the album The Ghost of Tom Joad. the live version, especially from new york city, is great.
the song describes the history of youngstown
#bruce springsteen #the ghost of tom joad #rust belt #ohio #awesome
by tom joad May 31, 2006
Youngstown is a small town that if you blink while driving by it you will miss it. Unless they come running after you (they don't get visitors very often). The miners often spend time at the local saloon. They call themselves the falcons because they prey on younger animals.Not very many people live in the town itself except for those who want to be with their own kind (it is kinda like Chernoble).
JAMES: Let's go to the youngstown saloon.
BLAINE: Nah, I'd rather go eat some rodents.
CODY: Let's go play some COD.
MICHAEL: No, lets go do loser laps in your green van.
CRAIG: Who cares, I'm just a ginger.
DAWSON: Nah, lets just go to the rummage sale in the more superior town of Hanna.
#james #youngstown #hanna #drumheller #blaine #cody #cod #alberta #mexicans #tacos #green van #chernoble #herpes #canada
by AnonymousPOSSOMUS February 20, 2011
Oddly enough, my favorite place to go. Since where I live is too boring and my parents grew up there so I've always gotten to go there all the time so it's like a second home. It's interesting enough if you're hanging out in the park: Lots of gunshots, people threatening to kill you, druggies, and male prostitutes. (But not everywhere in Youngstown, only the fun parts.)
I'm going to Youngstown, I wanna go laugh at the male prostitutes in the park!
by Moomoo March 07, 2005
Where My SKANK ASS BABY-DADDY lives!!!
by Jae Spence March 17, 2005
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