you already know...phrase found in most juelz santana gospels...catchy and pimp, said to holla at hoes, sluts, bitches, etc...also said to recognize yer niggaz are in the premises...check already know
how were them brains...?

you already know

the bitch know how to do it?

you already know

how long was she down there?

you already know

u hit?

you already know

u wifin the slut?

you already know?

then pass her to me

you already know

good look nigga

you already know

u already know
by Mura October 24, 2004
Top Definition
The correct response to the question "what it is".
Man 1: Yo, what it is!
Man 2: You already know.
by The23rdfnordian September 03, 2007
an answer to any question; the phrase is never wrong to any question
"Whats really good?" "You Already know"
by Chuck Goodness October 23, 2004
Well, you do...
"<Insert any statement here>"

"Yo, you already know, son."
by Oscarpus September 26, 2010
A catchphrase said by "Big Freedia".
Guy 1:Aye man that concert was poppn'
by SwaggMasster April 24, 2015

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