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To be the life of the party every where you walk. Knowing you are cooler then any other human living on planet Earth.
To be really good at the English language.
To be a teacher that rocks every students world.
Lets go be a yost!
by CubbyMonster July 21, 2008
the act of being the ill loiterer and chill hard wherever you are
chelsea: hey guys whatcha doin?
adam: nothin much. just yostin'
by shroomzzz August 22, 2010
to throw up
Man, I took so many shots of gin last night, I was Yosting for hours!
by YosTron December 02, 2010
v. When you run into your friends car that's parked in someone else's driveway.
Did you just yost my fucking car you stupid fuck!
by Pete and Vince April 27, 2003
Someone who steps into the realm of complete assholeness without realizing it. Someone who crosses the line; takes it too far.
In a sentence: "Dude you just pulled a yost!"

In an example: Phillip jokingly flicked a bit of water at Joe from his cup. In return, Joe poured his entire cup of water on Phil, thinking it was completly in context.
by Mr. B[Pwnsnoobz] January 24, 2007
Ignorant, no car-having, no job-having, ADD, minimal pubic hair, half Frankenstein/half pitbull/half-eaten cheeseburger
Yost, get that man's peepee ot of your mouth
by Happy November 16, 2003
Player of Sports; most specifically Basketball or Chess. Usually used as a minor insult.
That yost is toast!
by David January 05, 2004
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