being so high that you don't feel the cold anymore
Girl 1: Dude, aren't you cold?
Girl 2: Nah man, I'm the yolk.
by drinksandprofanity July 21, 2015
liquid chicken embryo
the cake demanded 2 yolks, without the whites.
by yutnginmnde October 03, 2009
You obviously lick kittens (more or less saying you're crazy)

Parody of (YOLO) -> You only live once
I'm going to eat another piece of cake because YOLO.
I can't believe you did that! YOLK
by TrinaSleeps March 11, 2012
a: damn u see shawty's outfit today?!
b: yolk!!
by #swaggy June 02, 2011
Female semen, or gizz. The cum that squirts out of a chick's vagina while having a orgasm.
Man, I just yolked all over my boyfriend , oops.
by PrettyPleasePublish November 14, 2010
verb. To bust a nut (ejaculate)
Im gonna yolk all over her face when I am done with her.
by MJCJizzle December 21, 2005
to ejaculate
I yolked all over that bitch!
by johnjizzer August 09, 2010
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