To grow your body to massive porportions.
Dude!!!, that fucker is yolked, he must be on roids!!
by BillyBob April 03, 2005
to work out extremely hard and get massive muscles
Dude were getting fucking yolked today at the gym.
by P Sauccie January 07, 2010
To be in a state of extreme muscular fitness. Derived from either the word "yoke", a wooden beam placed between two testosterone -filled oxen to allow them to pull massive loads OR "yolk", the yellow, protein-filled center of an egg often used as part of the diet to arrive at supreme muscular fitness.
I heard that a lot of yolked bros are switching to organic muscle milk.
by theillromanesco May 17, 2015
Hitting the gym and working your ass off for as long as you can in attempt to see improvement in a short period of time.
"Theres a hot tub party tommorow. Lets get yolked for all the babes!"
by $w3g December 15, 2013
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