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Yola is another slang term for Cocaine.
mostly used in Norcal and the central valley. Plural = Yols
Me and my boys got some yola last night,
and were all twacked out.
by Stinky cast September 04, 2003
Slang for Areolas. Shortened version of soft, darker colored area around a nipple. Usually used to acknowledge public visibility of areolas.
Look, her yolas are showing.
by Grady Westside August 15, 2005
Instead of saying, "Yolo!", some people will say "Yola!" which means 'You Only Live Always!'. This term is mainly used by Christians or other religious sects or groups that believe in eternal afterlife.
Idiot 1: "Hey man, I just fell off my bike and landed in a river!"
Idiot 2: "Yeah man! Yolo! Party bro!"
Person Trying to Act Cool but Epically Failing Because of Use of 'Yola!': "No, man, it's 'Yola!' You Only Live Always!

Idiot 1: "Dude, that's lame..."
by Random Potato Person 54123 November 11, 2013
A word used by middle-aged women, often mothers, in an attempt to sound hip. Used instead of yolo.
"Mom, it's yolo. I can't even deal."
by Pedro McBaconator October 10, 2012
Godly word combing "Yo" and "Hola". A good word to use if you can't decide how to greet somebody.
Yola! How ya doin, chief?
by Skatastic Jay April 03, 2005
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