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It means high.

Specifically on weed.
sheeeet i just smoked four bowls im floatin 8)~~~~~~~~~~~~
by Cap'n Awesome April 29, 2005
65 8
1. Meaning cool or awesome
2. Can also be used to describe things that are suspended in air/ levitating, but this is not as important or as useful as definition 1
"Man check that out Mark! Thats floatin'!" I said as Patrick looked on. "yea dude that's really floatin'" exclaimed Jeremy.
by Jonathan "Hammy" Hamilton November 16, 2005
9 3
The feeling you get when you are just drunk enough not to feel anything and you're head is up in the clouds
After you have taken 7+ shots and the world becomes a blur; where you start looking at everything like its an adventure and your head feels super light, that's when you're floatin
by KatieBaby318 September 13, 2011
8 3
it means to go real fast
"you see that nigga?" "yea, that car was floatin!"
by Yung Tune January 08, 2008
7 22