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can be used for in place of any word that you could still comprehend context
"I keep spare dodge in my pocket"
"Irina's on dodge"
"Dodge helps Allie get quick"
"Erin tastes better when shes on dodge"
by Thumper May 30, 2004
A term of endearment used to describe the cutest, sweetest, most gorgeous girl you've ever laid your eyes on. If just a glance from her can make your heart race and just one of her smiles can make your day, she's your bambi.

...Allie's my bambi
"Wow...that girl is so hot"
"Yep, I would know...she's my bambi"
by thumper January 05, 2005
A sexual act that involves pouring Old Milwaukee on a chicks tits, then tit fucking until you vomit on yourself. Originally pioneered by Phil Rodgers.
That crazy ass bitch wanted me to give her a slippery Phil. I would have, but Phil drank all my Old Mil.....
by Thumper February 27, 2003
The best underground rock band since their has ever been! These dudes can blow your mind away with one damn song!
"Dude! I went to that Sevil gig the other night... I've never seen so many ambulances in my life! The mosh pits were ****ing crazy!!!"

^^ Sevil fan (Minion ^^
by Thumper February 21, 2004
when lost for words in a sticky situation
"Then i went to stick it up her, yola"
by thumper August 09, 2003
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