to place ones hands in the front pocket, or "yoke", of anothers sweatshirt and move it about
"we were spooning and yoking while i did her up the ass"
by -jessie- September 27, 2003
Top Definition
To play a joke without the other person knowing about it. Doesn't always have to mean a joke played on by another person but can also refer to any crappy situation in general.

Yoking is different than pranking in the way that it is like a prank, except pranking depends more on the actions of the other person and physical encounters, while yoking is more of like a joke.
Example #1:

John: "Where the hell is my bag?"
Bill: "I don't know dude, I think Sam hid it somewhere."
John: "You got to be yoking me, I have English homework to do!"

Example #2:

Jane: "Where is Sam with my cell phone?"
Jill: "I think he brought it with him on his trip to New York"
Jane: "You have to be yoking me"

Example #3:

Classic yoke:

-Dave chooses to walk home to school which is about 2 kilometers
-Starts to rain
Dave thinks you got to be yoking him right now
by TheCrazedOne September 23, 2014
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