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Gaeilge ,i.e native irish, for Patrick.
Pronounced Paw-rig
Conas ata tu, a Phadraig?
Hiya Padraig
by Padraig Mac Oda October 05, 2006
Great irish football player and is very skillful is always in the mood for a match of football (for some soccer) and a great kisser girls just wanna hug him
People want to be more like Padraig
by Real Irish fact December 10, 2009
First the Gaelic, then Celtic version of the Old Latin word "Patrick," meaning; of Royalty, or personified as in the patriarch. Now in English as; good/great in a significant way, cool, awesome.
He's a Padraig. That's so Patrick.
by Neo Brenhin April 10, 2009
Irish fellow with an amazing sense of humor, super hot, fast runner, L.A.R.P's like nobodys buisness. Can be very strange and somtimes freak you out,...But his FANTASTIC looks pay it off for it.
1:what did your boyfriend say?
2: "My pencil:the sword i slay ignorance with, the brush i paint knowledge with."
3: WOW so Hot he's deffinitly one hell of a padraig!!!!!!
by strong Dick July 03, 2011
ubbelivebal ginger haired lad, with great a great peronailty and great in bed,
Padraig Mc Mahon
by lisa December 02, 2003
Crazy Irish folk that get all liquored up and dance naked and scream cusses at people.
Hey Tommy, damn those padraigs are some crazy folks!!!!!!!!
by John Labosky September 25, 2003
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