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A short and ugly (whether in physical appearance or in personality maybe both) individual comparable to Yoda but probably not as intelligent.
Oh my god did you see that creeper hitting on me?
Yeah that yode was totally out of his league.
by sillisal February 11, 2011
slang for weed; marijuana; mary-jane; dope, etc.
They roll yode in their apartment in Harlem.
by SAMMY SAM June 01, 2005
A redneck who carries a shotgun and a bottle of jackbean whos name is bob.
You are one stupid yode and/or fuck off yode.

by John Paul Waller September 18, 2004
a word people say to try and draw some reaction, it changes from time to time but orginally started from the word yode but changed over time. Can mean serveral things
I just yodes on my chode. Go get the yodes wigga over there
by doug norby September 18, 2005
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