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1. name of Archduke who was assasinated and incident sparked the "beginning" of WWI
2. Scottish band made up of Art majors/students that just wanted to make music that girls could dance to.
1. "They killed Franz! Those bastards will pay with a world war!" ::evil laugh::
2. Boy talks to girl. "I say take me out bitch or meet in the matinee cause it's better in the dark of the matinee"
by Monserrat March 27, 2004
Lead singer and rhythm guitar from Scottish base band Franz Ferdinand. Born to a Greek father and English mother, moved to Scottland to study at Glasgow's University. Was in many other bands prior to FF, like The Yummy Fur as bass player.
Currently has a girlfriend and has bad asthma. He is allergic to animals like fur and feathers, but not humans.
"I'm so free I could lacerate" - Love And Destroy
by Monserrat July 07, 2004
a sweedish rock band.
"did you hear mando diao's latest song Sheepdog?" He says "Yeah Yeah Yeah, it's so deck."
by Monserrat March 27, 2004
it's a nickname u can call ur friend.
monserrat: Yodee!!!!!
mariah: hey waz up?
by Monserrat November 10, 2004
rock band from Monterrey, Mexico. cool music with a variety of sound from authentic mexican sound, techno, hip-hop, and organic rock. very fresh sound.
"De que color es nuestro presidente!"
"Verde, blanco, o rojo es el presente."
by Monserrat April 28, 2004
great band. better than the white stripes. in other words white stripes suck and the von bondies rock. lead singer Jason Stollsteimer got beaten up by jack white.
Jason: "You're a fucking douche!"
Jack: "I Dont wanna hear about it."
Jason: "you suck major balls!"
Jack: "Now I'm gonna serve it to you bitch!"

Jason gets douched by Jack White. Jack goes to court.
by Monserrat March 27, 2004

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