A bogan Aussie who thinks he's top.
Shaun is a bogan yob from Mt. Druitt
by conchowino September 15, 2009
see townie

they usually walk around in mobs of 5+ causing havoc or annoyance to those in the vicinity .
*walks through a crowd of yobs*
"hey wheres my clothes???"
by =virus.exe= November 04, 2004
Your Own Beer
Bring YOB
by horde September 03, 2012
English surf speak meaning jerk or asshole.
Eh, bro that was a real yob think to say.

That guy over there is a real yob.
by SeaPilot June 23, 2009
to steal, take, or borrow
Let me yob that hamburger.
by YobCop July 07, 2009
Often mistaken for a job. However, a yob is work you perform with no chances of rising to the "top" like a career; Hard work that takes you nowhere in life.
Person one: "Well, I have this job at Wendy's."

Person two: "That's not a job it's a yob"

Person one: "No, it's a job!"

Person two: "No, it's a yob and you have no future! Get a job!"
by andru47 August 26, 2008
Noun, a huge bite. The missing skin or welt that results from a an attack from a household pet, usually cats. Often unprovoked.
"My cat just took a huge yob out of my leg."
by miss_disco August 13, 2009

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