a Yob is the opposite of a Job.
a Yob is like working at a department store or a fast food place.
Or it can be somethng to wait in line for in front of Home Depot
(Yob $100-$500 a week or $1,000 - $40,000 a year)

And a Job is like working in an office or other high paying jobs
(Job $60,000+ a year)
Imma gonna go down to the Home Depot and try to get me self a Yob for a couple hours this time.
by THE UNKOWN47 January 15, 2009
A word that describes a very homosexual male that loves to take the penis in the butt. Occasionally, he may have bisexual swings, and proceeds to use this to get an occasional girl, but prefers the cock.
Look at Ben, he's so yob!
by nobtheyob February 01, 2011
Boy spelled backwards as in rather backwards thinking and boyish. Or perhaps regressing from learning manners and proper behavior.
?airagluB ni taht sI ?nodnoL ,tahW ssorc rehtar s'yeht raeh I .nodnoL ni boy reccos a s'ti ,tuo hctaW
by Foo Bar February 15, 2005
A stereotypical hispanic pronounciation of the english word "Job". Under spanish laws of pronounciation, the letter "J" is usuauly pronounced as a "H" or "Y" as in "Jalapeno" or "Juego". This word has recently been used by Carlos Mencia of Comedy Central.
*In thick hispanic accent* "Man, my yob sucks. I gotta scrab them gringo's toilets cinco days a weeek."
by Rich Z November 01, 2005
"cool" "the hot shit"...its whats up
That new shirt it totally yob
by alli February 08, 2004
When somebody tells you something that isn't truthful at all. Short for Yeah Orrite Bro or Yeah Alright Bro
Moey DW: I swear Bro she totally wanted me
Omar: YOB
by JohnnyPartnaz July 01, 2016
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