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to scratch someone or something using ones nails so it really hurts
"kate scrabbed me today"
by angel* March 16, 2005
A weird creature found in the game Oddworld Abe's Oddesey who loves to eat Abe and kill it's own kind.
Ben, there's a scrab behind you. Oh, too late!
#alien #ps1 game characters #killer #runner #assassin
by Tudor Queen May 12, 2009
The pus filled, pulsating, dry flakey skin covering STD infected boils on the scrotum.
"Why David...your scrabs are coming off onto my tongue when I suck on your balls!"
by Rob Tyler February 13, 2004
a medical term given to the scarring and/or spread of crabs due to persistant scratching of ones self in a rough manner.
"John what is wrong with you? You have been walking funny all day."

" it's embarrassing, but after getting with your wife, i got a bad case of the scrabs!"
#crabs #scars #scabs #itching #vd #transexual #beastiality #car exhaust
by that0neni&ht! April 09, 2010
1. (verb) To play scrabble.
2. (noun) Scrabble.
1. Word-lover, eh? Would you care to scrab?
2. No partying for me tonight; I'm going to go to Matt's and get my scrab on.
#scrab #scrabble #crossword #boardgame #words
by Iron Geoff August 23, 2007
a scrubby crab(crip)
b's up scrabz downn.
#crip #scrub #crab #crabz #cripz
by M.O.3xx February 09, 2010
This had the same meaning as "crab" or "E-Ricket". Either way, it means dissin crips otha known az crabz



Really don't
"Man, im'a pop me some scrabz today my nigga, you down?", "Hellz yeah bro, I'm always down"
#scrab #crab #crip #blood #ck #crab killa
by Ace Bunnie December 11, 2006
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