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a word stolen from Philly natives!
YO, stop usin my word! You ain't from da hood!
by getoffmahdick July 14, 2003
57 35
1. A phrase used to attract attention
2. The ghetto way of saying "Your"
3. A way to greet someone, like "Hey" or "Hi"
4. Is the spanish pronoun I
Person 1: YO!!! Look over here!!!
Person 2: Yo weave is so busted, gurlllll
Person 3: Yo what's up?
Person 4: Yo pienso que la chica es muy guapa
by Jersey Kid January 29, 2008
44 23
Slang for Yonkers, NY.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
37 20
Philly word
by yophilly June 18, 2003
41 27
The word yo was originally used to indicate possession ex. yo mamma. In modern day yo can be added to sentences which end in a preposition thus correcting poor grammar.
Where's yo mamma at yo?
by Mista Slawta April 04, 2003
84 70
Yo - Is a greeting-e.g.(sup yo?) And a word to begin or end a sentence. common with people in the northeastern U.S. New York Connecticut Mass. was created in the 80's by break dancers original, b boy's, and m.c.'s it is one of hip hops most common and original slang words that has been adopted by the rest of the united states and other countries but only sounds right comin from east coast dialect in which it originated, but we are proud to to have so many imitaters - Peace Yo!
1.sup Yo?- 2.Yo where u goin?- 3.Your buggin Yo!
by EveryThingMoney March 06, 2008
21 9
Spanish Word For "I"
Yo bebo una coca-cola.
by Snipes1167 February 27, 2008
17 7