- how rappers/thuggers begin and end every sentence..
- used when rappers can't find a word to finish their song..
1.- Yo, Dawg, Yo, whats up in the hizouse, Yo, i be talken to tha fool yo, word, what you saying, yo...

I'm sleepin on the floor
I'm as drunk as can be, but i want more
i'm so tanked on alcohol, i forget my true name
i call myself the...(doesn't know what to say..then continues..) YO!
Yo. that's right i be rippen this place
don't talk back because.....YO!!
by sk8aholic July 24, 2004
It's what un-educated people say most of the time.
Me: "That Michelle sure does have a nice body!"

Tom: "YO, man, stop talking about my sister!"
by T.Wilson December 03, 2012
1)Used to get someone's attention

2)Used by white suburan kids to help them think they are cool while they wear throwback sports clothing that is too big for them.

3)A short word for "Hi" or "Hello."
1)Yo, foo why you scuff up my 20s with those stanky ass shoes.

2)Yo yo yo foos I be da hippest thang to come out of the suburbs.

3)Yo, what up?
by Damodi August 06, 2004
Word has it that "yo" started in South Philadelphia, the Italian area.

However this could be because of the movie Rocky, in which he lives in South Philly and says "yo" a lot.

The real history might be out there, but so far, this is the best guess out there.
"Yo Adrian! We did it!"
by MagnumDB January 23, 2005
The Y.O. (Yonkers) is one of the chillest places in New York. It's basically the Reno of the East Coast because it has a casino, prostitutes, and retarded cops. Every single person from Yonkers is an O.G. So the entire population is O.G., Proof: DMX, Jadakiss, Mary J Blige, and James Blake are all from Yonkers and the guy who invented FM radio, so without the Y.O. there would be no Hot 97. Conclusion: Yonkers is ballin
A- Waddup? I'm from the Y.O.
B- For serious? You must be O.G.
A- Word.
by CharLeth March 21, 2007
a yoyo that doesn't come back.
person1: "hey, let's go beat up some people whose skin tone differs from ours!"

person2: "can do! right after i wind up this yo.."
by bobross October 23, 2010
a word stolen from Philly natives!
YO, stop usin my word! You ain't from da hood!
by getoffmahdick July 14, 2003
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