Spanish Word For "I"
Yo bebo una coca-cola.
by Snipes1167 February 27, 2008
1. Abbreviation of you or your.
2. Hey or hi.
3. Used as a replacement for words such as dude, man, bro.
4. Used to express interest or show agreement/acknowledgement.
5. Yelled to get someone's attention. Like 'Oi'.
1. Yo' best be backin right the fuck up.
It's yo' bong next.
2. Yo', what's up.
3. What's up yo'.
4. Dude 1 : Yo', that is sum fine-ass booty.
Dude 2 : Yo'.
5. Yo', over here man.
by Diego August 21, 2003
Everyone knows about the concepts of when "yo" is used, in this concept, it is the simple greeting, except with much more swag (something "we" asians got). Although "yo" has been used a lot more frequently by your average gweilo, persons don't know where it has originated from.

The term "yo" actually came from the word: "anneyeonghaseyo". "Anneyeonghaseyo" is korean for hello, in a formal matter. Note the last 2 letters, yo. Neti's got sick of such a long-ass greeting, and moved on to a more shorter greeting: "yo". Because koreans are either so cool (male) or so cute (female), their slang was passed on to the people of today.
Dec. 5, 2011
Yuri: Anneyeonghaseyo!
Me: Yo!
by unhappy panda December 05, 2011
What people from Yonkers, NY call Yonkers. DMX, The Lox (Jadakiss, Styles P., Sheik Louch) Mary J., all made the phrase Y.O. famous
Where you from? Im from Y.O.
by MJ 612 December 16, 2008
Word used before, after, or during a sentence that makes it cooler
Group of hot chicks: Ben, where are you going?
Ben: I got some shit to do ladies, later 'yo.

Sweet, 'yo!

'Yo, I gotta take a shit, yo'
by mister delicious May 25, 2007
n Word meaning "hello", originated by rap music in the 90s
Yo! Frank, what's up?
by Sean March 23, 2004
Another way to say "hello", "hey" or "hi".
"Yo dude. What's up?"
by xoxotilatequilafanxoxo January 28, 2008

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