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8 definitions by bobross

a yoyo that doesn't come back.
person1: "hey, let's go beat up some people whose skin tone differs from ours!"

person2: "can do! right after i wind up this yo.."
by bobross October 23, 2010
43 17
A traveling kid who doesn't wear shoes, has little use for showers...

Common characteristics:
- Lives with a girlfriend.
- Has gnarly dreads.
- Unconventional, yet charming.
- Freeloading vegan.

Dirty kids have the potential to smell normal.
Andrew Hippie: Whoa, that guy smells like he drank a fourth of vodka out of a locker room hamper. Dirty kid much?

Elkins: That's a crusty kid. Dirty kids have less puke and more bottlecaps in their dreads.
by bobross July 14, 2011
27 7
The practice of manipulating the channels of transportation afforded by a couch, snow (and/or ice) and a sloped surface. A one-way trip in the absence of a truck, van or other gas-powered hauling device.
Roommate 1: "Bro, we snowcouched that shit all the way down 18th."

Roommate 2: "Snowcouching? Is THAT why there's no furniture in the living room?"
by bobross January 26, 2010
17 0
One who has mastered the arts and letters of sarcastic speech. No, really...
Andrew the Emo Cat: AmAzing! This Oregon weather has got me jumping_up_and_down.

Neo: You must think you're awesome. Freaking sarcastians....
by bobross April 08, 2011
12 0
1. To get a ride out of town on a freight train.

2. To successfully attain a ride for hitchhiking purposes.
Dirty Kid: Let's jut kick it, right?

Crusty Kid: No way! I'm going to sleep. I gotta catch out in the morning.

Andrew Hippie: How are you getting to Portland?

Kung Fu Kitty: I'm headed down to the 5 right now to catch out!
by bobross January 17, 2013
6 1
Whichever substance is between the teeth when hippies is masticating; Any vegan mush that is currently being devoured.
SunChild: Oy! What are you munching on?

Sage: This is organic eggplant hippie chow! Have a bite.
by bobross January 15, 2012
5 0
As in when a woman emits and has a distinct odor, similar to that of a skunk. The odor smells like a "skunk far off in the forest, not so close that it hurts but you can still tell that it's there. Skunky."
"She pulled off her panties and Man! That was all skunky!"

"I was going to hook up with that chick last night but she smelled kind skunky."
by BobRoss May 14, 2014
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