a referation to hello, yo is used instead of hello for reasons if your a gangster its "yo! wat up!" or if your an every day person its "hello!how are you!"
yo homies, check out the new bid on the box!!
by kathie May 01, 2005
Its another way to say hey or hi
YO what up hommie give yo gurl some props leave it peace out yo
by Angelica March 28, 2005
a way to say hey but way cooler
"yo, man! whats up?"
by Allison September 24, 2004
1. (Slang) hey; used to greet someone or get someone's attention
2. (Slang) y'all
3. (Slang) your
1. Yo, check this out!
2. I'll be back later, yo.
3. I don't like yo sister.
by Steven M. July 09, 2004
1. a greeting
2. adj a derrogatory term used for someone who is filled with misguided hip hop spirit
1. yo, sup?
2. man, that guy is so yo. his clothes are so yo. he talks well yo.
by the metalbaby June 19, 2004
A very versatile word, usable in almost every sentence known to man. Used most often by wiggers who say it to over-compensate for their racial inadequancy. Like Joel Madden. Or me.
'Yo dude, what's up, yo? Where's my bag of Reese's Pieces, yo? Yo yo yo.'
by LynZ Malakian May 07, 2004
In that case "yo" is a short form of the possessive pronoun "your".
Fuck yo ass, bitch!
I want all yo money or I gonna kill yo momma.
by blackhole February 17, 2004

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