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Shortened form of the words "You idiot".
Yidiot, why did you do that!
by Devon Parsons October 30, 2008
4 4
someone who tried to integrate with jewish society, but fails, thus being labelled a yidiot, by the yiddish community.
yidiot: "baruch atah adonai, eloheynu melech ha'olives"
jew: "you are such a yidiot! get back to cheder, fool!"
by candiclaus November 08, 2006
32 14
1) Short for "you idiot"
2) Is a type of scrotum where the pubic hair curls while it hangs down very low (approximately 40cm)
Fady: I used a piece of crap as toothpaste this morning

Nicole: My horse's balls hang down really low and are freakishly curly!
Kelsey: AHAHAHAH!It must have a y'idiot!
by Rhysinator February 05, 2008
9 0
(from the Yiddish word a איד, i.e, a Jew):

a Jew who behaves like a total dork or idiot
Jew 1): hey you yidiot, stop eating pork in public, you are a disgrace to Judaism

Jew 2) Just shove off, church and state are separate in the western world.
by Sexydimma January 27, 2014
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y'idiot is short form for "you idiot", and if you say "yuh idiot" really fast, it becomes "y'idiot".
2+3 isn't 6, it's 5 y'idiot.
by timoko mikoto January 21, 2012
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Jewish Idiot using the offensive term of Yid and the commonly used Idiot
Hitler had a right to hate those Yidiots
by NakedSnake March 05, 2005
18 19
A contraction for "you idiot", said in an uncivilised voice and lower-class accent.
Ouch! Yidiot, mind where you're walking!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 20, 2004
11 12