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melech aza is pretty hard to describe. their the hottest Aza chapter ever. and spirited out the ass. they are a pain in the ass to plan with but the result is always amazing.
Masada will give it to Melech free of charge. they're just that awesome.
by MasadaBBG March 11, 2005
the KINGS of aza and permanent holders of the nre spirit gavel
melech is the best chapter ever and we score all the bbgs
by Melech > life February 24, 2005
a hebrew name for king, based on the handsome african american male melech. this king was incredibly handsome and an inspiration towards hebrew male and female. said to be a psychic. this king name should be given to a future king of african american descent. it is also said that melech is the god of seduction so if you know a melech beware for you might fall in love and not know it. he is also known for being competitive but has a way with words. a melech is also a number cruncher and is easilly seduced.
i wish i could live the life of a melech.
by BrokenMind February 04, 2013
the chapter of NRE that is the most cult-like. They got the nice jerseys, jesus paraphernalia, the spirit gavel, and connections up the front, I'll give them that. But they can also have some jerks to beware of. rumors travel fast in their group. I don't think any of them do anything BESIDES Melech.
Melech guys act smart but like to get some while acting drunk on New Years.
by BBGbabee August 30, 2005
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