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This word is an umbrella term for both urine and faeces for use in semi-polite (metnally ill) company.

1. "to do a wizard"
2. "to have a wizard"
"oh man, i've gotta go for a wizard"

"that last wizard came out all pointy"

"hey dan, how do you fancy doing a wizard on me tonight?"
by Candiclaus February 01, 2009
someone who tried to integrate with jewish society, but fails, thus being labelled a yidiot, by the yiddish community.
yidiot: "baruch atah adonai, eloheynu melech ha'olives"
jew: "you are such a yidiot! get back to cheder, fool!"
by candiclaus November 08, 2006
for those of us too up ourselves to bring ourselves to say the word "lol" on the internet, let alone real life conversations. this adds the familiar suffix "age" to the end, thus adding an extra syllable.
"lollage, tulleh you are such a fool"
"i just fell over. lollage"
by candiclaus October 29, 2006
a northern pronunciation of 'tilly'
"eh up tulleh, lets go and have a pint town t' pub"
by candiclaus November 11, 2006
this is just a better word than wemo, i think! rolls off the tongue better!
"tulleh, you are such a wannabemo!"
by candiclaus November 08, 2006
a slightly more politically correct version of "retard" also, fewer syllables, and so easier to say whilst wasted.
"oh ma goddd tulleh, you iz such a rard"
"look i left the t out of tree. i am such a rard"
by candiclaus October 29, 2006

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