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someone who tried to integrate with jewish society, but fails, thus being labelled a yidiot, by the yiddish community.
yidiot: "baruch atah adonai, eloheynu melech ha'olives"
jew: "you are such a yidiot! get back to cheder, fool!"
by candiclaus November 08, 2006
1) Short for "you idiot"
2) Is a type of scrotum where the pubic hair curls while it hangs down very low (approximately 40cm)
Fady: I used a piece of crap as toothpaste this morning

Nicole: My horse's balls hang down really low and are freakishly curly!
Kelsey: AHAHAHAH!It must have a y'idiot!
by Rhysinator February 05, 2008
(from the Yiddish word a איד, i.e, a Jew):

a Jew who behaves like a total dork or idiot
Jew 1): hey you yidiot, stop eating pork in public, you are a disgrace to Judaism

Jew 2) Just shove off, church and state are separate in the western world.
by sexydimma January 27, 2014
y'idiot is short form for "you idiot", and if you say "yuh idiot" really fast, it becomes "y'idiot".
2+3 isn't 6, it's 5 y'idiot.
by timoko mikoto January 21, 2012
A contraction for "you idiot", said in an uncivilised voice and lower-class accent.
Ouch! Yidiot, mind where you're walking!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 20, 2004
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