Short for Haggin Hall, an all male dormatory at the University of Kentucky. AKA: Penis Prison, Haggin Hell.
"You live in Haggin Hell?"
"It sucks that you live in Haggin."
"Watch out for the Penis Prison."
by Jacob Jordan May 06, 2004
Derived from the dyslexic spelling of the N-word, it can be used to refer to thuggish ruggish types of any skin color.
Don't make me call the pipe-wielding haggins to regulate on your ass.
by fenstax July 23, 2004
a mizture between chillin' n hangin' n doin bad ass shit n b-in' sexy bitches n doin whatever you want without respecting authority
"dude seriously, call in sick to work so we can straight hag it tonight."

"we're gettin booze and girls, you know what that means right?"
"it means we be steady haggin'!"
by kw00dy March 10, 2011

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