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a person's true love; the one person they are both externally and internally, both consciously and subconsciously attached to with the realization that those feelings will never die; the one person that they know they can't live without

if they find this person, they are the luckiest in the world. if not, they are eternally screwed.
"i never thought this life was possible, you're the yellow bird that i've been waiting for"
#love #happiness #luck #well-being #eternity
by mish. June 26, 2006
1.The term yellow bird represents not only your true love but also love in general. In this sense of the term you shouldn't forget about the yellow bird, or true love, as when you stop believing in love you end up hurting those around you.

2.The yellow bird represents both the person you were with and the connection that you felt with them.

3.The warm yellow light, the happiness, between two people in love.

4.A common reference in Bright Eyes songs based off of a song by the folk artist Simon Joyner. This song speaks about how when you have this connection with your yellow bird your actions hurt them even when you aren't together.
"Don't forget that yellow bird"
#yellow #bird #bright #eyes #bright eyes
by Ryan Fin February 25, 2007
A signal or warning. Miners used to bring yellow birds (canaries) in the mines with them to detect poisonous gases. The birds had more delicate systems than the miners so when the birds got sick or died the miners knew there were poisonous gasses and they had to get out of there.
The Bright Eyes song "you're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for".
#caution #miner #bright eyes #canary #warning
by jenga10 July 11, 2011
a premonition seen by Perry Smith in Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood", a book on the interviewed account of the killers of the Herbert Clutter family murder in Holcomb, Kansas in 1959.

Referenced by Conor Oberst in the song "We are Nowhere and It's Now" and In the song "Poison Oak"
#bright #eyes #brighteyes #yellow #bird #yellowbird #in #cold #blood #incold #incoldblood #truman #capote #trumancapote
by Carlvskansas December 05, 2009
a symbol for good luck or hope, seen in many Bright Eyes songs.
"you're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for"

"did you forget that yellow bird? How could you forget your yellow bird?"
#bright eyes #conor #emo #bird #yellow
by purebliss February 11, 2006
Yellow Bird is the name of a popular school bus company and is used as a metaphor for rescue or escape.
Yellow Bird is referenced in Bright Eyes songs
such as Poison Oak: "You're the yellow bird that I've been

waiting for."
#yellowbird #yellow bird #bright eyes references #sign of hope #conor oberst lyrics.
by Occupist January 23, 2014
A total indie chick. Very calm and peaced out. Doesnt really care what others think of her. Very confident in who she is. All she will listen to is indie music. A total melancholic.
Kid 1: "Oh em gee! She really loves her Indie!"
Kid 2: "Yeh shes a total Yellowbird"
Kid 1: *o_O*
#melancholic #indie #chick #blonde #yellow bird
by YellowBird April 08, 2008
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