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when something cool or fun happens. Derived from when people perform tricks (i.e. flips)
I just got a 100 on my math test, YEED!

*Boy does 3 consecutive backflips* crowd: "Yeed!"
by iADub94 February 26, 2011
a word that only true G's can say.
This word could be anything from a noun to a gerund.
Yeed did you see them 20's on that car
by ya daddy March 11, 2003
When anything goes wrong that results in ultimate embarassment of the subject (most commonly getting the shit beat out of you)
"The baseball tam lost 24-0, they got yeed!!!!!!"
by Mike May 04, 2004
The pilgrims and indians traded expressions with wine, whiskey and a piece pipe.
noun: to be drunk, high, lifted, cocked, gassed, pissed, blazed, rocked, stuck, mangled, stoned, hammered, chink eyed, crushed, blasted, junk, banged-up, intoxicated, innebriated, or luggage.
I drank a 40, took a bong hit and smoked an L on the way to work today. How yeed? So YEED!
by Ace January 06, 2005
To go drinking with R. Yee, and end up not remembering what happened that night. In some cases a photo will be taken as evidence but requires yee's bum
Ed and Brad wen't out drinking with Mr. Yee.

End result was both men badly hungover the next morning, and Brads picture taken with Mr. Yee's ass.

You've been Yee'd!!
by Wardo 3:16 March 30, 2009
To call someone Yeed is to be Yeed, once you are called Yeed you are then Yeed. The only person who is not Yeed is Mitch Brad and PK. A Yeed is a person who is a total moron who lacks or is totally devoid of any shread of intelligence whatsoever. A Yeed is also someone who doesn't realise they are Yeed. Anyone that reads this will be Yeed as well.
" God dude, you're so Yeed." or "Damn man, don't be so Yeed."
by Yee 2 Tha Kay March 18, 2003
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