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You're eyes are squinted like a Chineses mans;The way your eyes look after you've just smoked some weed, and are high off of your ass...
Corey was so chink eyed after smoking that weed.
by Shaquana June 25, 2005
the effect of closed eyes when intaking the cannabis plant
im so high i think jakie chan would call me chink eyed
by deezy boy December 05, 2007
when one is sooooo mutha fuckin high and /or drunk they can barely open their peepers!
Shit man, I was so chink-eyed last night!
by Duffy sistahz August 29, 2006
Not necessarily a derogatory term unless an Asian person takes it as so. Most Asians who do smoke pot have distinguished a fine line between the derogatory term (Chink) and this term. And I've met some cool Asians that will allow you to say the latter without shooting an AK-47 at your head.

This is just a term to describe the squinting eyes that one gets when taking the drug, Cannabis.
The author of this definition, KD42 is chink eyed all the time, and thinks Asian women are really hot.
by KD42 February 28, 2011
where a chinese person picks there arse and the pokes you in the eyes afterwards
gary says to kyle- ouch that was nasty when that man at tescos chink eyed me i could have cryed
by P'n'S dicktionary March 01, 2011

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