To have male gay sex. This word is often used as code to allow gay men to talk about their sex lives in privacy.
Mike: Wanna yee later?
Kenan: No, i have work

Jason: All i want to do is yee in the bathroom, but the line is too long!
by OfficialDict.Def.Corps February 21, 2009
a homosexual mating call; when announced,naked faggots come running from miles prepared for hours of exhausting unprotected anal sex

women also find this word HIGHLY unattractive
Bob-im so gay......YEE!!!!!!!!

*running faggots violently gay footsteps are heard from the faraway hills*
by Gunner Fox July 19, 2007
A phrase In Detroit made by college students at Eastern Michigan University. Means like right sarcasticly, or don't tell me that.
Person One :You know them girls expecting us to pay for them.

Person Two : Yee!
by Dilla April 12, 2007
1.You site this to your girlfriend when getting dome.
2.When you win a game of strip poker.
3.When you slap your bitch with your eggroll.
ex.1 "yee birtha you suck my wong tong."
ex.2 "Yee look at dem tits."
ex.3 "yee eat that pork fri rice bitch"
by goddamn crackhead October 20, 2006
Yee- a way to get/call attention.
Yee- a word to substitute others or the lack there of.
person 1 "Call dat breezy over here"
person 2 "fo sho"
person 2 "yee yee yee (*said quickly*)
by Bigg Steve September 11, 2006
What drug dealers exclaim to let people know they have the stuff.
Dealer: Yeeeeeeeee!!! YEeEeEEEeee!!!!
Passer-by: Why don't we talk about this behind that building
by Hyphy_Masta December 18, 2006
YEE is a bay area lingo word yadaimsayin yo.yee is a word dat mistah F.A.B uses alot in da yay yrea yadaii.yee means like a call u can use if yo cuttiez iz ova thurr n u down thurr n u c em b like thizz yell out YEE
YEE YEE.n they'll get ova thur yadaii.

yukmouth - WuT IzsZ It fAbbY DaViS?
by FrIsCo bOi Dvs. March 29, 2006

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