Verb. To "yeast" somebody is to have sexual intercourse with said person while having a yeast infection. Recently this has become a mainstream fetish for Asians all across the world. Have you been yeasted?
Asian Girl: Want to yeast?

Asian Guy: Sure, I hear it's a new mainstream fetish.
by Credit July 08, 2010
meaning awesome or cool! used in place of the word "beast" because that words way too over used
-did you see that one hunderd and five percent i got on the test?!

-heck yeah! you're such a yeast!
by lexay5394 October 25, 2011
Meaning "Yes", in a maniacle way, and usually lasts multiple seconds. Commonly combined with a villiany hand-sanitizing motion.
Emily: Are we going to the mall to go bow shopping on Saturday?
Dave: Yeast Emily...
by jonathonbeuregardperiwinkle August 27, 2011
Like beast, but te opposite. If something is completely and utterly gay, it is Yeast or Yeasty. Derived from Yeast Infection
Jordan: Man, that kill was so Yeasty.
Stylo: That was awesome, shut your face noob.
by Senor Ikea July 21, 2010
name of a yeast infection whore has NO friends has only one dyke friend life usually SUCKS
that girl is such a YEAST
by perfect02 April 20, 2009
yeast makes bread,
a simplified version of the termbrederin
in short it means brother
yo yeast, whats up, feel like blazin tonight?
by Rob July 16, 2004
An affirmative expression.
"Did you bring the apples?" I asked.
"Yeast," She said, nodding.
by Nina February 17, 2003

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