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Verb. To "yeast" somebody is to have sexual intercourse with said person while having a yeast infection. Recently this has become a mainstream fetish for Asians all across the world. Have you been yeasted?
Asian Girl: Want to yeast?

Asian Guy: Sure, I hear it's a new mainstream fetish.
by Credit July 08, 2010
meaning awesome or cool! used in place of the word "beast" because that words way too over used
-did you see that one hunderd and five percent i got on the test?!

-heck yeah! you're such a yeast!
by lexay5394 October 25, 2011
yeast makes bread,
a simplified version of the termbrederin
in short it means brother
yo yeast, whats up, feel like blazin tonight?
by Rob July 16, 2004
Meaning "Yes", in a maniacle way, and usually lasts multiple seconds. Commonly combined with a villiany hand-sanitizing motion.
Emily: Are we going to the mall to go bow shopping on Saturday?
Dave: Yeast Emily...
by jonathonbeuregardperiwinkle August 27, 2011
Like beast, but te opposite. If something is completely and utterly gay, it is Yeast or Yeasty. Derived from Yeast Infection
Jordan: Man, that kill was so Yeasty.
Stylo: That was awesome, shut your face noob.
by Senor Ikea July 21, 2010
name of a yeast infection whore has NO friends has only one dyke friend life usually SUCKS
that girl is such a YEAST
by perfect02 April 20, 2009
An affirmative expression.
"Did you bring the apples?" I asked.
"Yeast," She said, nodding.
by Nina February 17, 2003