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ya damn cunt
Thanks for eating my leftover chinese, YDC.
by a young folk November 10, 2009
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It simply means "You don't care".
I wrote you this love letter and Ydc
by Re5 September 19, 2007
This just means you dont care, very much like idc (I don't care).
Me: You know what? YDC!
You've never really cared about my feelings ever.
Her: Yeah you're right actually, idc. You're not actually that important to me anyways.
by JustCuzISaySo April 07, 2009
Your Daddy's Cock...commonly used as an insult and sometimes even used as a compliment
yds...this means your daddy's cock, this meand your daddy's cock most likely was in my cousins mouth
by Kyle McElroy March 04, 2005

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