spelled like this by dumb ass bitches - should be llello
i'm a dumb ass bitch and i'll buy a teener of yey - yo from justin the fuckin mann for 200 bills
by justin the fucking mann July 14, 2003
Top Definition
Slang for good azz cocaine.
Jeff sniffed the biggest line of yay oh I have ever seen, it was the size of a babys arm.
by B-Diddy February 13, 2003
Slang for Cocaine, commonly used by Hispanic people. Was popular in the 1980's.
Me and my spic friend Manuel used to snort Yay-Yo in Miami in 1985.
Cocaine often referred as blow, toot, snow, clean, white
lady, the albino. it is snorted inthe nose it goes for about $40 a gram.
All day I be slangin yay-yo
by Patrick Hughey November 24, 2006
In Rochester, upstate New York, c. 1999, the sound of a two year old baby girl trying to say "I love you".
Father: Say, "I love you".
Daughter: "yayyo"
Father: "Yes, I love you".
Daughter: "yay yayyo".
by AdPaid_Marty July 03, 2010
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