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1. The process of yawning while speaking, which transforms both the accent and the language itself into something unbelievably hard to understand for a brief moment in time. Caused by the inability to close one's mouth, a mandatory technique in speech.

2. A phenomenon that occurs in every language of human society. Involves continuation of speech during a yawn, which disables the speaker from closing their mouths making what they say difficult to understand, usually lasts only a second or two. Facial contortions and saliva spraying may simultaneously occur.
Jim: Hey you look really tired, where are you coming from?

Sally: I was at over at the grocery store and, wahh owahh heyahh ahhh (yawning) happened.. Excuse me... and then like....

Jim: Wait Whaat? There was like a 2 second yawnversation in there
by nash6667 February 16, 2010
A yawn performed when you are talking to someone who tries to conceal their fatigue by yawning with their mouth closed. Akward facial contortions are a dead give-away to a yawnversation.
Non-yawner: " i said, fine, i'll work your shift, but she's all like, no forget it..."
Yawnversation-er:(silence accompanied by eye squinting, scowling and the jutting out of the chin)
by mo-yo December 22, 2006
A conversation that consists entirely of yawning.
Person 1: **Yawns loudly**

Person 2: **Hears Person 1 yawning, and can't help but to yawn in return**

Person 1: God-- I hate **yawns** yawnversations.
by Stratospheral Atmosquare July 18, 2012
A conversation that bores you so much, you accidentally yawn while listening. To be bored from converstation to the point that you begin to get sleepy.
after listening to a co-worker give a presentation about fiscal restraint and market stimulas, Sue said.." I thought that yawnversation would never end".
by Coach Nash December 01, 2010
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